Dedo DLH1000S PLUS 1000W Hire - £50/Day or £190/Week

Dedo DLH1000S PLUS 1000W Hire - £50/Day or £190/Week


Dedolight DLH1000SPLUS 1Kw (1,000w) AC tungsten soft light head with large mount for use with Panaura DLPA5 Octodome.


1x Lighting Spigot

2x CP77 FEP 1KW Bulb

1x Dedolight Protective Glass Tube

1x Dedolight Front Mesh

1x Dedolight Y Bracket

1x Dedolight Thumbscrew

8x Dedolight Octodome Rod

1x Dedolight Panaura DLPA5 Octodome

1x Dedolight Octodome Back Cowling

1x Dedolight Inner Diffuser

1x Dedolight Large Front Diffuser

1x C-Stand

2x Sandbag

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